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Steven Rosen is a longtime Cincinnati arts journalist whose first book, Lost Cincinnati Concert Venues of the '50s and '60s : From the Surf Club to Ludlow Garage, has been published at 2022's start by History Press/Arcadia Publishing. It has a foreword by Jim Tarbell.

Cincinnati during those decades offered a stunning array of live music and entertainment venues that now are gone. Some, like Tarbell's countercultural rock club Ludlow Garage or Cincinnati Gardens, are familiar. Others, like the West Side's Surf Club, where incendiary comedian Lenny Bruce performed, or Babe Baker's Jazz Club, which hosted John Coltrane in what some who attended consider one of Cincinnati's greatest concerts ever, are not. And even the more well-known places had shows that are fabled, like Iggy Pop at the Summer Pop Festival at Crosley Field or a young Rolling Stones with Brian Jones at the Gardens. The book also provides detailed coverage of The Beatles' two Cincinnati shows. Join seasoned journalist Steven Rosen on a tour through historically heady days in the Queen City's music scene. Purchase the book on this site.

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The Surf Club in Western Hills

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About the Author

Steven Rosen has worked for the Cincinnati Enquirer, Denver Post, Cincinnati CityBeat and other newspapers. Among his assignments, he served as the Arts & Culture editor at Cincinnati CityBeat and the art and film critic (and a music writer) at the Denver Post. As a freelancer, he has written for Cincinnati Magazine, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, American Songwriter, Documentary Magazine, IndieWire, Variety, Blurt, Rock & Roll Globe and other outlets. He also founded National One Hit Wonder Day and started a music fanzine called One Shot. He is a member of the Cincinnati Vinyl Club and the Rock & Read Music Book Discussion Group. This is his first book. 

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